Validating fees…

Pricing… The hardest thing to talk to Realtors about because they have no guarantee of getting paid in the end. This I understand, but spending a little to make a little is common practice in every market I can think of. When I start to talk to them about the pricing of work, most of them start to back up.

There was a recent post on another blog that I read every once in a while that kind of caught my attention. 100K for eight, yes eight photographs and three years usage; national in-store usage, web, national print and anything else. If you stop and think on it, the photographs for a home listing are capable of being displayed in the same manner, although print is growing in rarity these days. I’ll also grant you that you are not a national product advertising agency in the same capacity as the firm being discussed.

It goes without saying that I don’t need airplane tickets,stylists, wardrobes, groomers and three days worth of RV rental to drive over to your house and photograph it. On the other hand, if you have twenty foot ceilings in your ballroom, I may need to rent some lights with more power than the half dozen strobes I own.

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